Welcome to Ruby-International

Welcome to Ruby-International

Welcome to Ruby-International

Welcome to Ruby-International

About Us

We at Ruby International Ltd have become a leading figure in gemstone mining and have set our standards quite high and this earned recognition across various boards of the same. We promise to keep delivering the same and more. Viva Ruby International Ltd! Viva Tanzania!

What we do:

We firmly believe in adhering to the most stringent industry norms and regulations. Each gemstone sourced from Ruby International Limited is meticulously selected and extracted in an ethical manner, ensuring full traceability throughout the supply chain. We place immense importance on maintaining strong relationships with our local partners, while also actively promoting fair trade practices. By doing so, we contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the communities we operate in, fostering sustainable economic growth and creating opportunities for all. As custodians of the land, we are fully committed to sustainable resource management. By employing the latest and best practices, we strive to ensure that our mining operations have minimal impact on the natural habitat.

International Company

Ruby International Limited is the best and high demand company whole of the world.its gemstone delivering whole of the world, our passion is to provides high quality pure stone. We have worked many years now its big achivement for us it become a international Company due to our product quality.

success with us

The heart of our success lies within the passion and expertise of our skilled professionals.Our team members are driven by their profound love for the gemstone industry.

OUR Mission

Our company philosophy is to explore, develop and sell the best gemstones while providing world class services and adhering to giving back to the community we were raised and conserving the environment.

We produce bespoke gemstones

Ruby International Ltd is a Tanzanian registered mining investment company recognised for its projects across Epanko-Mahenge, Morogoro primarily Mining Spinel. Muhuhesi in Tunduru, Ruvuma known for mining different types of Sapphires, Alexandrites, Diamonds and Garnets. We are also proud to mention a newly founded project in Chungaunga, Mwatate, Kenya mining Tsavorites also known as Green Garnets.

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